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Is there any formal musical training? Others are official, some are casual. As a child, I began playing by ear. Wes Montgomery mostly recordings, attempting to find out what he's doing. Then, in high school and junior high, I studied music theory. After that, I studied orchestration while already working as a session musician. I learned how to compose music for instruments.

A hearing officer proposed a $210,000 fine after a two-year probe. The seven-member Public Ethics Commission, however, agreed to enhance the amount during its Sept. 17 meeting, citing the purposeful nature of the infractions and the effect on public safety as justifications for seeking maximum penalty, according to a commission news statement. According to Commission Chair Michael MacDonald, "this case is by far the most comprehensive and heinous behavior ever reviewed by the Public Ethics Commission." The evidence in this case demonstrated a pattern of purposeful action for personal benefit at the cost of the City, property owners, and the general public, supporting maximum-level penalties of $5,000, or up to three times the amount illegally acquired, for each offense.

Ina attended Loneman School in Oglala, SD, through the eighth grade, and then went to high school in Burley, Idaho, where she lived with a foster family. Brent is the name Ina gave to her eldest son when she fell in love with her foster brother. Ina was a talented artist. In 1996, she earned best of show for her buffalo skin parfleche bag at the Northern Plains Tribal Arts Show in Sioux Falls, SD. Ina also created the traditional attire, weaponry, and accessories for the 1990 film Dances with Wolves. Ina has created artwork and artifacts that may be seen in private collections and museums all around the globe.

The foreman, on the other hand, said that jurors had reached the conclusion that there was no conspiracy by police investigators to cover up anything, just some mistakes.

"We did have some concerns with (Parker's) testimony, two and a half years later," the foreman remarked after the verdicts were announced earlier this year. "I believe Officer Parker was filled with remorse and felt terrible about what transpired."

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