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Many in the business have already criticized the program, stating that it does not provide a real look into luxury yacht chartering. The yacht was renamed Honor (formerly Cuor di Leone), and the crew of eight were granted time off to be replaced with an all-American crew picked by the management. Her Captain Rosbach and engineer, on the other hand, are genuine and stayed on board to ensure the charter yacht's safety during shooting. Many in the industry have questioned why they would have participated in the program, which jeopardizes Honor's image as a charter boat while also displaying unethical behavior on the crew's side. Nonetheless, with a reported $1,000,000 paid by Bravo, the Captain would have had to make it work as he normally does.

Production [ edit ] Producers reserved a five-week Caribbean charter aboard the 50-meter (164-foot) yacht Cuor di Leone at Sint Maarten. [4] For the series, the yacht was renamed Honor, and it is commanded by Lee Rosbach. [4] The original crew for the ship was granted time off, and they were replaced with the characters of the show for the duration of shooting. [4] Rosbach, his first officer, and the engineer remained on board to verify that everything occurred as planned. [4] Prior to the series, chief stewardess Adrienne Gang, chef Ben Robinson, and stewardess Kat Held all worked aboard boats. [4] The series was filmed over the course of six weeks in September and October of 2011. [5]

The program, which premieres on Monday, focuses on the crew of the Honor, which is berthed at St. Martin, Lesser Antilles, and is nearly as gorgeous as the crew members who are the true center of attention. Some have been "yachties" for a long time, such as head steward Adrienne Gang, who would make an excellent Mrs. Danvers if the crew ever decided to amuse visitors by performing an aboard "Rebecca." However, some crew members are inexperienced, which creates conflict "Below Deck." In the inaugural episode, Adrienne is especially irritated with steward Samantha Orme for forgetting to ask for permission to sleep.

God forbid we have a few of nice average folks on the program. So far, it seems that the asshole brigade will return, if CJ is not in prison. And, of course, they are just now letting individuals know if they will return or not, so they are suddenly scrambling for alternative employment in the midst of peak season. Adrienne probably already has one, and Dave is busy with acting and modeling. Filming will commence in the British Virgin Islands next month. Captain Lee, as far as I know, has not said that he will not return. He had better be. Even with Captain Lee, I'm not sure I can handle another season of Sam, Kat, KJ, and the odd-looking Aleks, all of whom will almost certainly return for season two.

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