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Where Is the Original Below Deck Chief Stewardess Now? When the first season of Bravo's Below Deck premiered in 2013, it was a different program, owing in part to the head stewardess at the time: Adrienne Gang. She wasn't Kate Chastain, for sure. But Adrienne added her own kind of domineering leadership and drama to the program, and whether you liked her or hated her, it's difficult to deny her watchability, no matter how cringeworthy it was.

Eddie Lucas Reveals the Worst Crew Member Ever!

Eddie Lucas, star of Below Deck, revealed the finest and worst crew members he's ever worked with. Fans may be surprised by this. Eddie has a strained working relationship with Chef Rachel Hargrove, as viewers are well aware. The two are at odds, particularly after what he said behind her back during Season 8.

While Captain Lee has high expectations of his crew, things don't always go as planned, and the majority of them wind up hooking up, bickering, and visiting the bar in between tasks.

However, although we are just now getting to meet the show's characters, the first season was actually recorded in 2013.

Trevor revealed his and David's split in a Facebook post on October 10, as reported by Towleroad. "I feel compelled to inform everyone that David Alanson Bradberry and I are no longer married. I've been single for quite some time "He scribbled something. "I don't need any phone calls, texts, or direct messages. I'm doing it by myself. I shall not respond to any queries." Trevor said that despite their almost ten-year relationship, he plans to retain David in his life. "He was a part of me for nine years, and I will never forget or lose touch with him. We created a family together, therefore we work together on that. "Thank you for understanding and respecting my space," he wrote at the conclusion of his message, before signing off as "the very single, Trevor Knight.""

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