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People nowadays are very inventive in their designs. And when new languages with new symbols continue to proliferate on the internet, we can only expect cooler and more imaginative smileys! You may locate them on this webpage. If you see a face that I haven't included, please send it to me using the email address shown above. Also, try making your own emoticons; who knows, you could come up with the next ( ) that has everyone in the forum and comments area giggling. Thank you so much for your love and support! I created this website because the blogs and other locations where you can usually obtain free adorable emoticons or smileys are too busy and disorganized. There are even establishments that will attempt to charge you for them! That, in my opinion, is stupid. You may email me here if you discover any more nice smileys or if you want to contact me for any other reason (comments, recommendations, etc.). Because I don't frequent this site, it may take me a long to react! Please feel free to forward this website to anybody who may be interested. Thanks! xoxo

Gacha Life is a game with visually appealing graphics. All characters are created in the anime chibi style; they are little and charming characters that are not difficult to draw. We recommend that you draw them yourself! There are 100 images for drawing here. Male and female characters, humanization of real-world companies, and attractive Gacha-style characters from other anime. Download for free and improve your artistic abilities. Sketching images in the manner of Gacha Life

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