Crystal With Star Of David Pattern

Furthermore, a strong aura provides the finest defense against undesirable energies of all sorts, acting as an energetic barrier, shielding the bearer from all types of environmental pollutants that attack us on the subtle levels 24 hours a day. Those who work in the healing arts or in counseling understand that protection against negativity encountered when working on persons who are injured, physically, emotionally, cognitively, or spiritually, is a big concern for all health care professionals and Lightworkers, bodyworkers, and counselors.

When you wear the Star of David pendant, the feminine side should be near to your heart, and the male side should be facing out, away from your body. Because of the two triangles cut into the faces, the transparent crystal seems to have a Star of David etched on it when seen from the front. The female, receptive side of the crystal will pick up the energy from your heart, the crystal will transmute that energy into a very high frequency vibration, and the male side of the crystal will radiate that high frequency light energy in all directions around you, enveloping you and filling your aura with cleansing, healing energy. This increases your aura and protects you against all types of undesirable, invasive energy in your surroundings.

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