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Lauren was put on the Hertfordshire child protection registry upon her return, and Wright acquired custody of his daughter in May 1997. Lauren's grandmother was given a residence order and became Lauren's legal guardian nine months later, after she expressed grave worry about the abuse she may get if she was returned to her natural mother. The Wrights relocated to Welney, a 300-person Fenland community on the Norfolk-Cambridgeshire border, in January 1999. Lauren attended William Marshall Primary School, while her father split his time between work, the river bank, the bar, and his new neighbor, Tracey Scarff, a dominating and seductive lady with a big extended family who lived nearby. She was Lauren's school's playground helper.

The searches were connected to an Australian Tax Office investigation, according to a police spokeswoman. The organization's representative claimed it was unable to provide specifics about individual tax issues and declined to comment on the raids. If the raids are unrelated, the timing, just after Wright's identity was made public, is sure to raise more suspicions.

Berger then played the title part in an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's Dorian Gray (1970). That same year, he became the first male to appear on the cover of Vogue, and he starred in The Garden of the Finzi-Continis, which won an Oscar. Berger portrayed Ludwig II of Bavaria in Viscontis Ludwig in 1972, which is widely regarded as a career-defining performance. Both audiences and reviewers praised his ability to express psychological depth. He began to collaborate with well-known photographers such as Andy Warhol, Helmut Newton, Mary Ellen Mark, and David Bailey. By 1973, Berger was starring in Ash Wednesday opposite Elizabeth Taylor and Henry Fonda. In 1974, Berger co-starred alongside Burt Lancaster in Visconti's Conversation Piece, a film about his friendship with Visconti. Unfortunately, this would be Berger's last film with Visconti, who was already in poor health at the time. Visconti passed away in 1976. Berger subsequently declared this picture to be his favorite.

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