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The wedding takes place outside outside Central Perk, in the company of Phoebe's friends, who labor tirelessly in inclement weather to create the most unforgettable day of her life. It's bizarre and lovely to see the group work together to give Phoebe away to the love of her life. The one involving Rachel's other sister (Season 9, Episode 8)

This meme by Redditor Turbulent Ad 231 is a ridiculous nod to the episode. In one episode, Phoebe's grandma is shown deceiving her about who her father and grandpa are. Things like these led Phoebe to assume that when her grandma died, she went down rather than up. 2 Profile Image vs. Tagged Image

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The program was never reluctant to incorporate fan-favorite side characters into the main cast, or to give them larger roles in the lives of the primary characters. Many of these minor characters grew up to be love interests for the major characters, or even regular appearances that shocked the audience from time to time.

4 James Corden did an excellent job as host. Despite the fact that the two-hour special was a huge hit, with almost as many streaming on HBO Max as Wonder Woman 1984, it received some unanimous criticism. Most fans were dissatisfied with James Corden as the presenter, stating that a British celebrity should not be leading the celebration of a renowned US comedy, as well as being rather obnoxious.

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