B&K Ref 50

Both the Ref 50 and 507 will have IEEE 1394 (firewire) ports; whether they will be compatible with the dv-47ai is unknown; they both use 192/24 DACs; they both have the source knob instead of buttons, which cleans up the front panel and makes them look a little better; and they both have rs-232c ports. The Ref 50 WILL feature two balanced inputs (possibly digital) and eight balanced outputs. They are all THX ULTRA2 certified.

I wish there was a $2k processor that could handle all of the features of a Denon AVR-3805 or Yamaha RXV-2400, however it seems that many have significant drawbacks when it comes to theater-related difficulties.

I saw that NAD has a newer component, the T-163, but their website provides little information about it.

The cover behind the device may be seen in a subsequent image revealing inner detail. A gray foam piece is bonded to the interior of the lid and rests above the firmware/EEPROM card, minimizing unwanted rattling and potential card damage from accidental unseating from its slot. Power chord tinkerers, take note: it features a detachable power cable that you may use instead of the Belden that comes with the machine.

B&K Components Reference 50 and Reference 7250 Series II 5 channel power amplifier were utilized. This was a high-end power amplifier model from B&K. Specifications for the 7250 series II are as follows: Power Output / Channel: 200 Watt, 375 Watt 4 Ohm, 8 Ohm output impedance / channel Frequency 5 - 45000 Hz response THD (Total Harmonic Distortion): 0.09 percent 50th Reference Specifications: 5Hz to 20kHz frequency response Sensitivity of the input: 2000mV (line) 98dB signal-to-noise ratio (line) 3V output (Pre out Max) Coaxial and optical digital inputs Component, composite, and SVHS video connections are available. Minor Scratches, powers on, and boots up; untested beyond powering on. Home is smoke-free. $700 OOPS, it seems that you have forgotten something. Please double-check the red-highlighted fields.

B&K Ref 50 Manual

I gave the aforementioned scores ranging from 1 to 10 and then multiplied these values by a weight ranging from 1 to 10. A weight of 10 indicates that it is more significant. For example, the weight allotted to the Home Theater performance rating was 9, and the Sony received an 8.9 performance rating from the editors. The Sony received a total score of 8.9 X 9 = 80.1 in this category. I had to make educated guesses based on other evaluations when there were no Home Theater ratings. The initial assessment findings are as follows: 558.3 Parasound AVC-2500

Choosing the quantity and location of speakers was a fun and helpful part of the setting process. The Reference 50 may be configured as a regular 5.1-channel system, a 6.1-channel system with a single rear speaker, or a 7.1-channel system with two rear speakers. Intelligent circuitry automatically reconfigures 5.1-channel soundtracks to make optimum use of the one or two back speakers. Now, let's talk about the surround sound. All of the usual surround sound decoders are included in the Reference 50, including Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, DTS, DTS ES, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, and DTS:Neo 6. Unfortunately, configuring and using these surround sound options is a little difficult. On the positive side, you may assign a default surround mode to each input. (You may also choose a specific input to default to stereo, mono, or "stereo via all surround speakers.") On the negative side, the instruction booklet is a little cryptic when it comes to demonstrating how to make these modifications. However, I ultimately worked things out, and once everything is in place, you won't have to worry about it again.

B&K Reference 50

[Feb 24, 2000] Strength of eb2cool Audio Enthusiast: See Below Deficiency: See Below This is a follow-up to the review I wrote below. After preliminary testing, I chose the Sony TA-E9000ES over the B&K. Because of a hardware issue, I had to return the Sony (cross-talk). Now that I'm looking for a preamp again, I've narrowed my search to the: TA-E9000ES (Sony)

Terms and Conditions: This item is only available for local pickup. Pickup is only available at our retail shop in Jamestown, NC. If you want expedited shipment, please contact us before making this transaction. Unless otherwise mentioned in the item description, all sales are considered final, with no warranties and no returns. For additional information, please see our Terms & Conditions page. $250.00 $195.00

Some additional troubleshooting suggestions... Is it accurate that the back panel connections are not directly attached to a circuit board? If this is the case, tracking the wires will ultimately lead to one. They will not, however, have been put to the same stress as the direct-connect kind. In fact, unless the unit was dropped, it's doubtful they've been stressed at all. Instead, look for broken insulation that might create a short. Check for conductive material, such as tiny screws or metal shavings, which may create shorts. Dendritic development is a real possibility if the unit has been used in a humid climate, however it may not be evident to the human eye. However, if such were the case, more than one circuit would very certainly be impacted. Another possibility is that board-to-board connectors have become loose enough to produce intermittent connections, resulting in the interrupted sound you're hearing. As you dismantle the machine, look for them and gently reseat them. HTShack was used to send this message from my iPad.

No problems playing SACD, DVD-A, or CDs. Some of the brightness has to be worked out by bi-wiring and reconfiguring my amps. Musically, the Adcom amps and Definitive BP speakers seem to be quite bright and agitated over time. But, thanks to the Ref 50's settings and the ability to adjust with separates, I've solved most of the brightness issues. As some of you are aware, this takes a significant amount of time and patience. I phoned B&K and detailed the sound drop outs during DD playback to the technician, Chris, who claimed he had never heard of this before and that I would have to send the device in.

B&K Reference 50 S2

My B&K reference 200.7 amplifier and B&K reference 50 pre/pro are for sale. Both are the series 2 variations. They are in fantastic functioning condition and have no functional concerns. The 200.7 amp is in great physical condition, with no scrathes. Physically, the pre/pro is in fair condition, with small scratches on the faceplate and top (i tried to capture them in the picture). The pre/pro is also lacking feet, and I don't have the remote, but replacement remotes are approximately $30 on eBay. I'm asking $1000 for both items together. I acquired them in the hopes of putting together a great h/t rig after falling in love with B&K gear for my two channel setup. However, due to unexpected costs, I will have to let them go. For the time being, I'm looking for local pickup. I'm happy to meet anyplace between Baltimore and Philadelphia since I'm in the center of Maryland.

The tuner integrated inside this is adequate, with 40 presets. So, after purchasing this, and if you already own a tuner, you may sell it to help pay for this, like I did. This tuner is also controlled via the remote, which is fantastic since my prior tuner didn't have one. This preamp has gold RCA and balanced outputs that felt solid when I plugged cables into them, as well as a separate AC power wire that permits the user to update in the future if needed. This is an excellent piece of audio equipment for the price, and it is similar and well-equipped for less than $1000. Associated Products: B&K CS117, 1991 model

Power Level: 8 4 stars for power. 125 and 185 watts Channels available 2 Present (peak to peak) 30 Amps Headroom in Motion 1.2 dB Distortion of Total Harmony (THD) 0.09 percentage point The signal-to-noise ratio (S/N) 95 dB Impedance of Input 33.2 k The Damping Factor (50 Hz) 180 Hz - 45 kHz Frequency Response 14 V/sec Slew Rate Unbalanced RCA Input Sensitivity 1.0 Volt XLR Balanced Input Sensitivity 2.8 Volts | Pin 1 = Gnd | Pin 2 = In + | Pin 3 = In - Gain 28.3AV* or 28dB AC Line Voltage (optional / switchable) 120 / 220 / 240 VAC Controls for Levels There is no obligation. Post Wire Gauge Maximum 4 AWG Inputs that are balanced Yes 5 - 24 VDC control input 10 - 12VDC Control Output 200mA Width Dimensions in Inches (Cutout Dimensions) Depth 17.00 (17.12) 5.78 (5.90) 15.63 (16.75) Power Consumption 31 lbs Shipping Weight 680 watts maximum power draw 7.5 amps maximum current drain 60 watts when there is no input Keep an eye on this item and we'll tell you when it becomes available again.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece of audiophile gear: the B&K Components Reference 50 Series 2 Preamplifier/Tuner, one of the greatest audiophile preamp models made by any manufacturer, equipped with the very uncommon rackmountable silver finish faceplate. Amazing digital and analog feature set, pro grade heavy strong engineering and construction, and fantastic sound. The Reference 50 is an excellent music component that also has complete AV capabilities, including 7.1 channel processing and built-in surround decoding, and it is THX Ultra certified by Lucas. It offers normal RCA preamp outputs as well as a complete set of balanced outputs for professional installation, as well as several analog and digital recording outputs. 11 digital audio inputs and 7 analog stereo RCA inputs! All of them may be allocated, renamed, and made to be the default listening preferences (which you can easily change when desired). All settings may be modified and configured using the front display; no monitor is required for onscreen setup. Excellent FM and AM tuner stage construction. And more, much more (see the images for B&K discussion of features and factory specs).

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