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Three spoonfuls of sugar, a lot of milk Favorite tune Adventure Appearances by K.K. NL:WA Inkwell (, Sumidakun?) is an Animal Crossing series jock octopus villager that was added in the Welcome amiibo update. When a certain Splatoon amiibo is scanned in the game, Inkwell will emerge in the campsite. He seems to be a major Splatoon enthusiast.

Funny story: I was listening to New Leaf music on my Amazon Echo device over Bluetooth as my younger brother and sister cleaned up after dinner. We were listening to the main theme and prologue music that plays at the beginning of the game, and my sister was jamming to it, being goofy, and trying to get me to join in, but I was simply listening to relax while working. The 1 AM music then begins to play, and my sister tells me, "Turn off this music, it's making me furious," and then stops it. If you've ever heard the 1 AM soundtrack from New Leaf, you'll know it's one of the most soothing tunes in the game, and by far my favorite track in the whole series. I simply chuckled to myself and put on my headphones to listen to it.

All of these factors, together with Gulliver washing ashore unconscious on a frequent basis in the game, have led some to conclude he is the victim of serial extraterrestrial abductions. Others fans believe Gulliver is connected to the aliens in the 3:33 a.m. transmission, and some even believe he is an extraterrestrial himself.

The Animal Crossing: New Leaf Wiki is a community encyclopedia dedicated to everything Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Since the wiki's inception in June 2013, there have been over 800 entries added. Because the wiki model enables anybody to write or update any page, we can all work together to develop a comprehensive Animal Crossing: New Leaf database. Special thanks to the Animal Crossing Wiki and Thonky for being excellent resources. If we don't have the information you're searching for, you should absolutely visit one of those two websites! And a special thanks to everyone on Reddit at /r/animalcrossing for their encouragement and, in essence, making this all happen. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for you!

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Aside from a profound desire to fill up my island's museum, I believe what has kept me playing is a longing for familiarity. A 30-minute break every day is something I need; this was true in March, it is true now, and it will most likely stay so for the foreseeable future. I complimented the game a year ago for providing me greater control, and I was thrilled that so many people were playing so early on. But it turns out that what I really want was comfort.

Because furniture can be turned 360 degrees and seen from all angles, it was critical to invest attention into constructing the sides and back of goods as well. Designing products for a high resolution screen necessitates the creation of high-quality models, which necessitates a great deal of information. Initially, I felt the need to look for the essential knowledge, but gradually, I started to perceive everything in terms of furniture models in the actual world as well. Simply said, a room in Animal Crossing is split into an invisible grid of boxes, and adding large pieces of furniture may take up three boxes, while placing modest furniture may only take up one. I'd see a piece of furniture in my daily life and thought, "I could make this work in two boxes or whatever." How would I go about creating this while retaining its charm? Making furniture probably helped me have a sharp eye in my daily life. I understand how difficult it is to get so many people to collaborate and share their expertise on something like this, but now I want to transform the whole planet into furniture for the Animal Crossing series.

I'm going to say good-by to my new leaf town now. It's incredible how much time I spent with this game; I believe I actively played it from 2014 to 2016, and even after the expansion. I had a beautiful town with a fully grown tree. I suppose I wasted 600+ hours on my old 3DS:( lemon @ NEW HORIZONS! (@eevee 0) March 20, 2020 I said farewell to my New Leaf pals. It's bittersweet since I adore them all Amanda Island/Dawnlunumn Island (@MandaPanda1228) March 19, 2020

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It's mind-blowing when it works — AC's melodies at 5 a.m., 2 a.m., and 12 a.m. are among the greatest he's ever jammed. However, the music is inconsistent, with many tunes seeming uninteresting and falling flat in comparison to the consistent soundtracks of the original, City Folk, and New Leaf.

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